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  • The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

    The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King


    It is absurd this movie won Best Picture. Not because of anything against JRR Tolkien. The adaptation to his book is nothing short of heresy. Execution of elements make his story seem ridiculous and beyond what fantasy can provide.

    I have yet to see Seabiscuit or Mystic River, but I did watch Lost in Translation and Master & Commander (all 4 in contention for Best Picture against LotR:RofK). My vote would have gone to Lost in Translation. Despite not seeing two…

  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

    Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children


    I'm not really sure the difference between this version and the "standard", non-"Complete" version listed here, but it was this one that was viewed. I suspect there might be more minutes.

    To be sure, this is a gorgeous movie. Four years after the release of Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within, SE manages further refinement in their visual capabilities for cinematics. However, a pretty package does not a film make. It goes a long way towards helping viewers to get into…

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  • Walking with Dinosaurs

    Walking with Dinosaurs


    This collection of moving images is nothing more than a showreel for BBC Earth. The visuals are rather breathtaking and the dinosaurs look stunning.

    I would classify it film if only they'd just dumped the dialogue entirely. There's simply no need for the dinos to speak and it only serves to cheapen, embarrass, and detract from a potentially rich story. It's also very confusing as they make no attempts to have them visually talk—as though they all communicate through telepathy,…