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  • Cruel Jaws

    Cruel Jaws


    Or: Don't Torture a Dolphin

  • Torn Priestess

    Torn Priestess


    The first half is a seedy, 'rape and rope'-fueled slog... But then something must've snapped in director Yuji Makiguchi's pretty little head that compelled him to say "fuck it" and direct the second half of this film, a wonderfully stupid crescendo of fire, flesh, and violence. It's exceptionally extravagant for a Toei production, especially a quickie..

    Lots of colorful fake flowers and an anachronistic jazz-funk score that works surprisingly well in certain scenes.

    Long story short, give it a try if you enjoy films by the likes of Nobuo Nakagawa and Teruo Ishii.

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  • The Red Silk Gambler

    The Red Silk Gambler


    Eye candy from Teruo Ishii, with a lot of his quirky style in this film, which does not feel phoned-in but rather a labor of love. The story, by S&M writer Oniroku Dan, well I was thinking about how to describe it and the best way is that it plays like fan fiction. Take the heroines from films like Red Peony Gambler, Crimson Bat, Woman Gambler and so forth, toss them all into this stylish Meiji era scenario along with…

  • The Naked Seven

    The Naked Seven


    This Nikkatsu Roman Porno is not only a parody of Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai, but also the Stray Cat Rock series -- director Yasuharu Hasebe and writer Atsushi Yamatoya previously collaborated on the third installment, 1970's Sex Hunter. Swap the motorcycles for horses, and the chic hippie threads for gaudy period costumes, and you've got yourself Sengoku Rock.

    The soundtrack underscores the farcical nature of the film with an anachronistically jazzy score, recycling a musical motif from Stray Cat Rock