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  • Cafè Express

    Cafè Express


    It's about twenty minutes too long, and things go significantly awry with a prolonged pee joke, but otherwise this film is not too bad. The train setting is nice and well utilized. Our protagonist travels from one train car to the next hawking his caffeinated wares as he tells tall tales and dodges the authorities and a criminal element fronted by a knife-wielding ruffian wearing multiple puka shell necklaces.

  • Godard in America

    Godard in America


    Jean-Luc Godard discusses his works with the Dziga Vertov Group whilst nursing a Coca-Cola, then gives a lecture and shows off some storyboards. Jean-Pierre Gorin is also there and occasionally manages to get a word in edgewise. There are quite a few funny moments especially when Godard mentions that he had recently watched Zabriskie Point... It's a modest look into this period of Godard's career.

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  • Return of the Street Fighter

    Return of the Street Fighter


    "Not the Mafia again. I wanted peace tonight."

    Takuzo Kawatani has just a bit part in this film, looking above it all early on in the film, then at the end I think he gets pushed over a balcony by our protagonist.

    Lots of eye violence and slow-motion ass kicking, and a story that doesn't take itself too seriously and mainly serves as grease to facilitate the antics of Takuma Tsurugi (Sonny Chiba) make this one a real winner. Better…

  • Japan's Don Emerges

    Japan's Don Emerges


    Totally all-star cast more or less wasted on a mess of a story in this forgettable 1978 Toei flick... The first hour is like the reheated leftovers of the Battles... series, then our yakuza geezers head over to Micronesia and soak up some rays. I like to imagine that Toei enticed these guys with booze and vacations, because Guam seems to figure into just about every other great work of late Toei masochism in one way or another. The final…