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  • Mission: Impossible

    Mission: Impossible


    Great noir stylings and some of the tensest explorations of paranoia in the series. De Palma really leans into the classic spy style with plenty of dutch angles and split-diopter shots, which in many ways make this feel old before its time when viewed in hindsight.

    P.S. Has Cruise always been this...angsty?

  • Ant-Man and the Wasp

    Ant-Man and the Wasp


    Very schmaltzy - and oy, enough with the quantum already! - but this is possibly Marvel's most fun film? Really flies when it lets Rudd, Peña and Park basically turn this into an improvisational sitcom.

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  • Mad Max: Fury Road

    Mad Max: Fury Road


    There aren’t enough expletives or adjectives to express quite how much you need to see Fury Road.

    Its brutal war-torn world, built on the liquid viscera of blood, milk and oil, is a dystopia; but the future that Max (Hardy) and Furiosa (Theron) are fighting for feels gloriously utopian.

    It’s not just the visuals – a fire and brimstone hellscape conjured by Miller and DoP John Seale – that feel shockingly new, but the film’s politics. Fury Road is righteously,…

  • Ant-Man



    Ant-Man is a tricky one to pin down, and for me a lot of it is because I'm wondering what Edgar Wright's vision would have been like. And not necessarily in the more obvious sense of how his vision would have *looked* because we all know the answer to that: fast cuts, clever wipes et. al.

    No, the real area where I miss his influence is in the acting. He's renowned for getting great comic performances out of his cast,…