The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★½

Hooptober 2019 Presents: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

In the running for my least favorite type of movie is the retread sequel. Recycled jokes, carbon-copy plot, reverts any character development to ground zero - absolutely worthless. These self-plagiarization incidents happen in particular after many years have passed since the original. Creators lose faith in their abilities, get lazy, or just figure what ain't broke shouldn't be fixed. Whatever the train of thought, it reaches a decrepit station I cannot respect.

Tobe Hooper, I'm pleased to announce, did the exact opposite of a retread with his ambitious follow-up. Thrusting a beloved horror classic into a batshit direction was 100% the correct choice and I couldn't be more thrilled. Re-invented as a rip-roaring black comedy packed with some gloriously excessive depravity, the TCM concept gains new life. You'll be laughing and jumping in equal measure. Some of these performances are just a riot. It's even visually stimulating! Very proud of Hooptober's namesake.

America's favorite cannibalistic family gains a new face with Chop-Top, a demented Vietnam vet who's introductory scene might be the best in the entire film. He's horribly disgusting, but darkly compelling. Jim Siedow is the only actor to return from the original, playing the family cook. He's also awesome, but gets less chances to go berserk. Dennis Hopper stars as one of our two protagonists, and he's on another planet in the best way possible. Of all the colorful characters, only our iconic Leatherface feels disappointing. He shines early on with a few masterclass jumpscares but becomes defanged. His original actor and look was much better. Small price to pay for a vibrant and game-changing sequel like this anyhow.

Requirements Fulfilled:

Film Count: (4/31)
Six From '6: 1986 (1/6)
Tobe Hooper Pick: (1/1)