Dancer in the Dark ★★★

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This review may contain spoilers.

Life is hard, then it gets harder and harder and harder until you are dead.

Is that it? Is that the takeaway? After dogville I was hoping for some kind of redemption for our unfortunate heroine. Bjork creates such a sympathetic and beautiful, childlike character, which makes every moment of this film that much more heartbreaking. A woman with absolutely no selfishness or vanity in her soul is tested and tested but her kindness and naivety will never die. I hope if I were put through what this woman went through, I would still believe in kindness or goodness. I know I wouldn't, but I hope.

I'm probably supposed to hate America after watching this film, but to be honest that wasn't how I felt. I hated the guy that caused all this. But then, I kind of don't. He was in a desperate state that I couldn't imagine. Poor guy just wanted to die without losing all the respect his wife once held for him. Is that worth ruining an innocent woman's life over? Probably not. But hey, we all have our irrational moments (I'm being fasecious, don't hate me).

I love that this film is a musical. It's bizarre and corny in the most incredible way. Even Lars can't make a tap number depressing, and I'm sure he really tried. A strange ensemble of caring characters actually show the beauty of an old fashioned American community. Basically making the opposite stement that dogville made. I wish Selma didn't die. That last moment really hurt. So intimate and undignified. If you want your heart to hurt a little bit, give this film a go. If not, maybe try a different director.