Yi Yi ★★★½

I'm sorry this film didn't change my life.

I've been thinking a lot about Yi Yi in the few weeks since I watched it. Is there something I was missing? Did I take things too literally? Do all the characters actually represent my different body parts? or the members of Taiwanese Parliament? Probably not. It's probably just a family drama with a lot of depth that's worth reflecting on. Marriage is hard. Being a teenager is hard. Trying to earn a living to take care of a family is hard. Regretting the choices you made as a young man can be hard. Being a child, is less hard? The young boy was the only character in the film that was really able to experience any true joy. All the happiness of the older characters came with a rather hefty amount of baggage.

I enjoyed this film sometimes. Other times, my mind did wander a little (sue me). The father's romantic reunion and the final scene were by far the most moving. Damn, I hope I don't marry the wrong person. I hope I don't let my enfactuation with someone blind me to their flaws. I hope I can spend my life thinking of others and not of myself. Remember to check what's going on on the back of someone's head. Sometimes we need a friend to look for us. Enjoy your day and remember that life is hard for basically everyone. x