Century of Birthing

Century of Birthing ★★★★★

I often come across some slightly ignorant listings on letterbox, but none both ignorant and disrespectful at the same time. This great film by Lav Diaz is not just a 'long film' as the description above states. It's much more. If any fine member of letterboxd can fix the description by adding this accurate synopsis of the film that would be great:

Telling two seemingly unrelated tales, it is a grand meditation on the roles of the artist, the prophet and the acolyte. The first story focuses on Homer, a filmmaker who has spent years working on his latest opus — and still isn’t happy with it. Hounded by friends, co-workers and festival programmers to finish the damn thing, he resists every entreaty, countering a programmer’s pleas to send him the film with, “I don’t make films for festivals, I make them for cinema.” (The story plays a little like 8½, minus the surrealism and with a dollop of Warhol thrown in.) The second story concentrates on a Christian cult in a rural region — a group largely comprised of young women (referred to as “virgins”) and dominated by its charismatic leader, Father Turbico. When one of the longest-standing members strays, the impact is catastrophic for both her and the cult.

The film is approximately 355 minutes.

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