Snow White and the Huntsman ★★★

Huntsman is an alright film. I really see it as the red headed step child of Lord of the Rings, but whatever. I usually have issues with Kristen Stewart, but this time around I have no beef. I do believe the role of Snow White would have benefited greatly from being played by an unknown, but I guess we have to take what we’re given. Theron was really my problem here. I place a lot of weight on actresses, I expect a lot from them because I find it that women are significantly more capable of delivering outstanding performances filled with high emotions. Here, the films scope seemed to get the best of her. I enjoy Hemsworth a great deal in what I’ve seen from him so far. I think he can deliver a great action performance along with being able to handle wordy dialogue. The action sequences were filmed great. Not too cluttered and confusing. And there’s quite a bit of attention to cinematography and overall production design which I expect from a film like this.