Parasite ★★★★★


Revered by many to be the crowning achievement of the Korean New Wave surpassing all of Lee Chang-dong‘s and Park Chan-wook‘s films. Parasite is a strikingly beautiful film with a delicate touch that presses upon the mind with a simple criticism of late stage capitalism. That’s my biggest problem with the film, the film doesn’t make it clear that the class struggle between the bourgeoise and proletariats is what makes the climb up so impossible. I don’t mean the message has to be on the nose but the amount of people who don’t take away the systemic issue that plagues the world they live is startling. The film is clear in its condemnation of capitalism that is suffers on a post watch analysis. However, seeing the lack of love between everyone in a communal sense is a really clever detail that I had failed to recognize, Parasite isn’t the most profound but I would be lying if the film is a constant of joy. Also, The Handmaiden is the true King of the Korean New Wave.

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