21 Jump Street ★★★★

If anything, this film is even more delightfully funny on a second viewing and it still remains without a doubt, the most pleasant surprise of the year. As well as being a joyously funny buddy cop comedy, it contains the shocking revelation that, not only can Jonah Hill be tolerable and actually likeable, but also... wait for it... you might want to sit down... Channing Tatum can ACT! That's right, he actually can do comedy and some of his physical gags are the best in the entire film.

From the moment this movie drops a wink to its own unoriginal premise, it's clear that this is slightly more postmodern than the action-com genre is used to and the jokes continue in this vein. Explosions fail to happen, Ice Cube remains a stereotype and geeks are cool as everything we expect to see in a film like this manages to both happen and not happen at the same time. 21 Jump Street's greatest achievement is managing to both give us what we expect and not give us what we expect in equal measure, giving it the widest audience possible.

This is basically the high watermark for R-rated comedy. Especially THAT cameo.

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