Tucked ★★★½

Tucked was always going to live or die based on the relationship between its characters. On this front, the movie completely succeeds. Derren Nesbitt’s Jackie is a sad, regretful man, but someone who clearly uses his ribald stage persona to escape the deep sadness of his illness and of his solitary existence as a septuagenerian widower, estranged from the rest of his family.

It’s a compelling performance that serves as a counterpoint to Jordan Stephens’ work as a defiant, young performer with a firm grasp on their identity.

As much as the characters are nicely sketched, the storytelling is unfortunately rather slight. Tucked runs for less than 80 minutes and it feels as if the narrative could’ve done with a little more meat on its bones. While the performers have clearly spent time digging into their characters, there’s very little chance for the audience to do the same.

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