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  • Black Coal, Thin Ice

    Black Coal, Thin Ice


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    This is a film I'd recommend more people watching this. Many people have since confused by its "out of the blue" ending, but for me the ending comes together all that happen before. This is not an actual review, instead I'll take a closer look at the femme fatale character, how she is undeniable femme fatale, but at the same time, completely different from others, all that makes her an interesting character, and also those differences help supporting the theme…

  • Darker Than Midnight

    Darker Than Midnight


    A really solid film. Although the subject matter is dark, raw and at times bleak, the filmmaker really feels something to say here. He also be able to extract good performances from the cast here, especially the main character, who nailed it very well. The chemistry between the cast is also on point here. This is a kind of small little film who will not gather much attention (probably because of its theme and its not-well-known-cast), but by all mean watch it; because it is a film that respects its characters and the world around those unfortunate souls.

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  • In the Bedroom

    In the Bedroom

    Some thoughts on this film:
    -Many people called this film "actors' film" and I think by saying that they really underestimate In the Bedroom. Todd Field deserved to be honor here because he was as important (if more) as the three performances.
    -The film used silence, the inability to express to each others with patient but compelling look
    -The performances that elevate In the Bedroom for good to really great and complex drama. Tom Wilkinson (which I always enjoy) delivers…

  • Amer



    Amazing! This film caught me off guard! It completely breaks out of form, It has eye-popping visuals and surreal theme and plot, indeed the film is not at all about plot (the main character even has very few dialogue). It's one of those film that come along to remind how different and innovative art can be. Particularly loved the first part, the final part is solid too. (In fact watch the whole film)

    If you wanna watch it, expect it'd be very different, relax and let all the visuals and eerie theme wash over you.