Why do I like this, but find the idea of Peter Jackson's history-distorting endeavour They Shall Not Grow Old so vile and cynical? For starters obviously that goes further in its interference with the raw footage, attempting to construct scenarios and narratives that never happened, altering the image contents themselves to be more compositionally pleasing. But besides such traitorous treating of the image, of history, TSNGO also used the specific—diaries, lives, events—in service of the general, the representative, the all-encompassing, thus undermining its own attempts to pay respect to the individuals it is depicting and (mis)representing.

Here, the constructed soundtrack is derived from the contents of the frame and in service of the contents of the frame. There is no wider attempt to narrativise, beyond the material all being from the same historic, geographic point. It is what it is, nothing more—concise, distilled, respectful.