Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused ★★★★★

So is this what superbad was going for? I don't smoke and I have never and will never smoke but I am tempted to buy a packet of cigarettes just to roll up in my t-shirt sleeve so I too, can be as effortlessly cool as Matthew Mconnaughey. This is just wonderful. Everything about this was sublime. The performances so accurately portrayed people at these stages in their lives. The excitement and trepidation that comes from starting a new chapter and the confidence gained from being the top dogs. The music was excellent and really emphasised the essence of every scene where it was used. But the best thing about this was that infectious air of inter-generational cameraderie. The way that everyone (bar the odd few) seemed to have everyone else back. The seniors taking the freshmen under their wings and helping them to find themselves. This was sort of like almost famous in that way and also in the way that it was a movie about young people and their interactions with one another made several decades after it was set. I love the plotlessness, it isn't interested with telling much of a story, it just wants to convey a feeling and it does that and is so chilled out while it does. I was thinking that a British equivalent of this would be cool, and then I remembered, it exists. It's called the Inbetweeners and it is equally brilliant but much more tragic and hopeless. Way to go us!
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