Love Exposure

Love Exposure ★★★★★

Wow lmao I was not expecting that. I went in blind and I'm so glad I did. Love Exposure is just a MASTERPIECE!!!! It'll definitely stay in my top 4 for I want to say at least the rest of the year???

It doesn't really have a specific genre it just in-between them so smoothly. As in it's so hilarious when it's trying to be a comedy and when it's a drama its really devasting. Ms Scorpio is kinda hot ngl. I was gonna make a Jennifers Body edit but I was like fuck it I'll watch this instead, and it's just an amazing surprise. I was tired towards the end only because it was late but I was never really bored. I was familiar with Sion Sono before from seeing Antiporno which I love. I watch antiporno just because I was excited to watch this.

The characters in this are just the best character development, ever. The performances really complement it. I love the directing and editing to. Along with the AMAZING score, which I'm definitely gonna listen to when I wake up. This is the longest movie I've seen and it feels like 2½ hours rather than 4. The pacing. I just put my phone down and didn't check it then let the movie play without pausing it.

You can't really compare this to anything, apart from on small bit of the movie which reminded me of A Clockwork Orange, slightly.

It's so original. Wow. It's just insane how this works. When it said "the end" I got really emotional and started crying idk why but it was just so beautiful lol.

I have to really thank Henry for telling me about this and encouraging me to watch it. If I just saw it with no background knowledge I wouldn of just said ah it's too long and moved on. I'll watch Yi Yi, Taste of Cherry and an elephant sitting still soon.

Society. lol

I would 100% recommend! It's really worth your time. I watched it all in one sitting which I think you should too. Don't worry about the time, the movie flies by. And it's on YouTube in amazing quality (with subtitles) so why don't you watch it lol.

10/10 - obviously. It's nearly half 2 so imma sleep gn :)

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