The Tree of Life ½

There are times when I'm struggling to sleep at night where I just wish mankind had invented a device like that seen in The Fifth Element, where you are put instantly to sleep. Having long suffered insomnia, I'd often think about this device and how fantastic it would be. Well fortunately for me, after a long, arduous wait, they have finally come up with the solution.

You often hear of marketing talk with horror films, about how someone passed out whilst watching the film. Well I was approximately 5 seconds away from being the first person ever to kill themselves from chewing their own face off in boredom. Fortunately, within 3 seconds I was fast asleep and my life has gone on in leaps and bounds since. I got that promotion I always wanted at Burger King, but also spend my evenings looking for a cure for the twitching I get anytime I see a tree. Damn. I guess we can't all be winners