The Wolf of Wall Street

The Wolf of Wall Street ★★★★★

This could well be one of my favourite films ever.

Funny, engaging, dark and beautifully designed. The world of Jordan Belfort - This deplorable scene which people have so harshly criticized Scorsese for advocating is a similar scene our idolized celebrities live every night. Leo spoke about how he wouldn't want to be the one having the conversation with Martin over censorship and fairplay to the pair for not! The film itself is packed full of natural comedy, brilliant character design, fantastic scenery and make up / clothing combined with just incredible acting.

Leo and Jonah Hill are a phenomenal pair and anyone who saw their SNL monologue / titanic scene would be able to appreciate the 'bromance'. Leo has knocked down the last barrier I thought he had, I never would have thought he would work with the likes of Jonah Hill, yet he proves to be a fantastic actor, guy and role model through and through. I pray he gets the Oscar that he so thoroughly deserves!

Jonah Hill is perhaps one of the biggest turn around in an actor I have witnessed - from a comedy starting point of super-bad. Hill has escalated up towards QT's Django Unchained, another firm favourite of mine. In which I recall Jonah being part of the DU questioning panel alongside Samuel L. Jackson and Leo etc. and when addressed a question he openly said: "I don't even know why I'm up hereto be honest, these are the real stars, I got in this business to work with people like these - it's been a great experience!" - I had tonnes of respect for him then so when I heard he agreed to do Wolf OWS for the minimum you could be paid just to work with the duo I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

Not only does Jonah participate demonstrating his commitment but he fucking nails the part - very suited and VERY funny. Maggie Robson is just well . . . . Leos quote sums it all up.

"I fucked her brains out . . . . for 11 seconds!"

Without spoiling the fantastic comedy moments or the dark plot progression - I can only thoroughly recommend every second of this epic insight into the lifestyles of the rich and the famous and a true example of decadence and greed.

Overall: 5 Stars - 98%

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