Mavis! ★★★★

Finally a good and decent documentary about Mavis Staples. It was a lovely film. Not very long, jumped between the early days with The Staple Singers and Mavis today, and was interesting, fun, and emotional when needed.

Mavis is an inspiration. Doing what she doing today, it's just beautiful. It was really cool seeing her from "behind the scenes", telling stories of the past and present. Including the close connection she had with her dad, Roebuck "Pops" Staples, who really made her what she is today.

Also there's a lot of Jeff Tweedy in it and the work of them together in the latest two albums of Mavis that Tweedy produced (and I just love). They appreciate eachother so much, so nice to watch. And also the movie got some cool side-stories with Mavis and Prince, Dylan and more people from past 'till today.

"Mavis!" is a small beautiful film about a gigantic beautiful soul. Recommend to every fan of Mavis/Staple Singers, soul music, or just music or film lovers in general.

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