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  • Sexy Killer: You'll Die for Her

    Sexy Killer: You'll Die for Her


    Think I've found another little gem that I will hold close to my heart. There's a lot to love with this film (yeah, more than just watching Macarena Gómez on screen, which in itself is quite nice).

    This film took me by surprise, serving way more than I was hoping for. Watching this film was like going out for a cheese burger at McDonalds but ending up devouring a seven course dinner at a Guide Michelin restaurant instead.

  • The Cottage

    The Cottage


    Stupidly funny and bloody gory. As the story unfolds, I am cringing - in a good, weird, satisfying way.

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  • Necromentia



    Wow! Short, but powerful. Attention is needed when watching it. I don't know why Pearry Teo uses the tattoo theme so much in conjunction with the supernatural, but this is a case where it works. The monster design is great, and the interworking between the three storylines / characters adds a dimension that the film prospers from.

    The original idea is perhaps a bit flawed, but hey - when you get cinematography that makes you feel like you're in Silent…