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  • Kill List

    Kill List


    Better than I thought. Bonus points for the Swedish speaking session which took me by surprise. Good balance between relational drama, dark action and mysticism. Drives me close to crazy that there's so much left for interpretation near the end (that's a good thing - it spurs my interest).

    Kill List was a pleasant surprise in the sea of mediocrity.

  • Warcraft



    Great game that I never really played too much of. Rather cool movie, but I'm not a big enough fan to really enjoy all the characters and what's-not going on on the screen. My friends I watched this film with enjoyed it much more.

    But hey - it's an okay movie where it helps if you're a fan. Even if you're not, you can still tag along on the story, but there's nothing here that will dramatically engage you in neither the plot nor the characters.

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