Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★★½

I'm a fan of both DCEU films that came before this, I actually like "Batman V Superman" and especially "Man of Steel" more than most. Even though I like those movies though I can definitely see why their not widely loved, and have gotten such mixed/negative reception from critics and even fans alike. With "Suicide Squad" however, I truly do not understand where the amount of negative reviews are coming from at all. I had an absolute blast with this movie.

This movie gets just about everything right. Every single character is memorable and gets a surprising amount of development. Will Smith and Margot Robbie are definitely two of the biggest highlights in the cast. Both are hilarious and fit their roles to absolute perfection. The rest of the cast is great as well but the other two note worthy people worth mentioning are Jared Leto (big surprise), and Jai Courtney. Leto brings a different take to the Joker and I for one loved it and as for Jai Courtney, I've never disliked the dude or even really found him all that bad but here he is actually pretty damn amazing. He's hilarious, and his performance is just perfect for the character.

As for other things I loved, the action sequences. I loved every single one. They were all an absolute blast to watch, and kicked tons of ass. The humor also pretty much works all the time, and this movie probably made me laugh more than most comedies this year. This movie is just fun as hell and so damn entertaining from start to finish never having a dull moment.

Now what holds this film back down slightly is the villain for sure. There's an obvious reason why the trailers haven't been marketing them for sure. The only other minor complaint I have is that occasionally the dialogue isn't quite as sharp as it seems to think.

Overall this is one of the best blockbusters of the summer. Its got an amazing soundtrack, great character moments, and a ton of heart. I loved "Suicide Squad". This is like the strongest 4 of the year for me, I can only see the rating going up on a rewatch.

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