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  • Hereditary



    Judged purely on shock factor, 'Hereditary' is one of the most terrifying and nerve-shredding horror film I've seen in a very long time. I decided to wait a day before writing this just to test how well it stayed with me, and I can now say that there are certain sequences in this film which gave me trouble sleeping last night.

    One of the central characters in 'Hereditary' is Toni Collette's Annie Graham. She is the daughter of the recently…

  • La Haine

    La Haine


    The monochrome palette of 'La Haine' reflects the French society it portrays perfectly. It is a cold and brutal one, with the youth culture being defined by the titular idea of 'hatred' - towards the authorities mainly, but also towards one another. More than anything though, this society portrayed is a stagnant one. We see an endless cycle of boredom only being alleviated by the promise of violence. In turn, this only leads to more hatred, meaning that nothing can ever change.

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  • mother!



    I have to say that 'Mother!' is one of the most incredible experiences that I've ever had in a cinema. Part biblical journey, part allegory for a world in decline, the message of the film is different to every viewer, and this is why I feel that it has been so polarising in terms of reviews. The intensity and sheer amount of the close-up shots which surround Jennifer Lawrence's character of "Mother" really allow you to note her skill as…

  • Wanted




    Day 15: A film based on a comic book or strip that is not published by DC or Marvel, and is not a manga.

    'Wanted' is a film which is self-knowingly stupid... and I mean this in the best possible way. From the first scene alone, we see a hitman leap through the window of a skyscraper to another on the opposite side of the road, shooting down four different targets mid-jump. This…