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  • Minnie and Moskowitz

    Minnie and Moskowitz


    This is the first Cassavetes film I've seen. I know it's one of his more obscure works, but I saw that it was expiring on Mubi tomorrow.

    'Minnie and Moskowitz' is certainly an odd film. It tells the story of two people very much considered outsiders from the society they live in. Minnie (Rowlands) feels so uncertain of her own emotions that she casts herself away from everyone, whereas Seymour's (Cassel) unpredictable nature means that no one really wants to…

  • Rust and Bone

    Rust and Bone


    It attempts to tell a very raw human story, yet 'Rust and Bone' is constantly in conflict with itself stylistically, never feeling like it is sure whether to go for a natural or overwhelmingly sensory setting. The central performances from both Cotillard and Schoenaerts are great, but whenever the film tries to make some kind of emotional connection with the audience it fails more often than not, all due to this frustratingly inconsistent style.

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  • mother!



    I have to say that 'Mother!' is one of the most incredible experiences that I've ever had in a cinema. Part biblical journey, part allegory for a world in decline, the message of the film is different to every viewer, and this is why I feel that it has been so polarising in terms of reviews. The intensity and sheer amount of the close-up shots which surround Jennifer Lawrence's character of "Mother" really allow you to note her skill as…

  • Mission: Impossible - Fallout

    Mission: Impossible - Fallout


    This is the transcript from a conversation I had a week ago on the train with someone I considered a friend.

    ME: So do you want to see Fallout next week?
    FRIEND: Ha, really?
    ME: ...what?
    FRIEND: I just have absolutely no interest in that whatsoever.
    ME: Why not?!
    FRIEND: I mean, I saw the first of the newer ones, Rogue something?
    ME: Ghost Protocol...
    FRIEND: Right, and I just found it pretty pointless and unentertaining.
    ME: You do mean…