Before Sunrise ★★★★★

A love letter about humans and their relationships. That’s the words I think I should use to describe the movie. 

Before Sunrise is wonderful, absolutely wonderful. I could describe this movie with abjetives and I’m gonna do it. Before Sunrise is: funny, beautiful, sweet, brilliant, fantastic, breathtaking, sad, lovely, marvelous and magical. Before Sunrise is about life, romance and love, a very simple love story, yet so deep and touching. It’s all about moments, and the seizing of chances as they come along. This movie is dialogue leaden, but it doesn’t bore, the characters discuss a vast range of topics, from their fears, family, their past relationships, and of course, love. There’s one scene where Jesse has to restrain himself from brushing away a stray lock of Celine’s hair, and another wonderful moment in a music listening booth where the characters nervously avoid eye contact. There are many romantic movies, but this is a unique one, this feels natural.
I am in love with this movie, it’s beautiful in every single way.

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