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  • Certified Copy

    Certified Copy



    I saw this in theaters when it came out and found it to be basically impenetrable. Now, it strikes me as a mammoth work in some ways - rich and complex and thoughtful in ways that make it ripe for academic study and analysis . . . and yet, it still seems mostly impenetrable. Kiarostami takes his (and my) interest in episodic storytelling to a surprising place here; instead of juxtaposing stories of a meeting couple, a reuniting couple,…

  • A Corner in Wheat

    A Corner in Wheat



    I do believe that cross-cutting is the heart of storytelling in cinema, but when I say that, I'm usually thinking of the way it brings energy to climactic action scenes and epic battles. Here, Griffith does something that surprised me in building his movie around thematic cross-cutting, that is, by stitching together three interconnected but separate (in the plot sense) stories in a way that conveys a complex yet unmistakable message.

    Corner in Wheat is a sharp critique of…

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  • The Warriors

    The Warriors


    This was a true B-movie in the best way possible. The whole thing was like a cartoon world come to life - goofy gangs in their hilarious costumes trying to prevent the cowboy-vested Warriors from making their way back home to Coney Island. What I really loved was the use of space. It was extremely atmospheric, and the settings were wonderfully fleshed out, like the levels of a video game. Each scene, the Warriors encounter a new location, like a…

  • Broadcast News

    Broadcast News


    I love how this is so carefully constructed, projecting an instantly classic feeling despite its sprawl. The three primary characters are a great foundation for the story, each with a distinctive personality possessing something that the others lack. Meanwhile, it's a joy to watch them interact, filmed with a perspective that often shifts dynamically from person to person. This is epitomized in the work party scene, with cameras that track in circles as the members of the news crew move…