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  • Waitress




    Waitress is a colorful, quirky, original, and likable indie, distinguished especially, I think, by an unusually wry candor about some pretty heavy themes. Among these are (unwanted) pregnancy and motherhood, abusive relationships, and adultery, each of which is presented as a fact of life for these women - never dramatic or exaggerated. And so, there's Earl's controlling behavior, which is portrayed almost as a lightly comical annoyance (without being fond or otherwise positive), although his last-minute discoveries that keep…

  • The Watermelon Woman

    The Watermelon Woman



    I can't say I've ever seen another movie made by or about black lesbians, and the representation behind and in front of the camera here is so wonderful in illuminating stories and themes and histories that are so rarely seen. For a pretty breezy movie, The Watermelon Woman grapples with some pretty deep, varied themes - Hollywood's treatment of black actors, interracial (lesbian) relationships, the limited success of black cast films, racism in policing, etc. Its plainspoken take on…

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  • The Warriors

    The Warriors


    This was a true B-movie in the best way possible. The whole thing was like a cartoon world come to life - goofy gangs in their hilarious costumes trying to prevent the cowboy-vested Warriors from making their way back home to Coney Island. What I really loved was the use of space. It was extremely atmospheric, and the settings were wonderfully fleshed out, like the levels of a video game. Each scene, the Warriors encounter a new location, like a…

  • Broadcast News

    Broadcast News


    I love how this is so carefully constructed, projecting an instantly classic feeling despite its sprawl. The three primary characters are a great foundation for the story, each with a distinctive personality possessing something that the others lack. Meanwhile, it's a joy to watch them interact, filmed with a perspective that often shifts dynamically from person to person. This is epitomized in the work party scene, with cameras that track in circles as the members of the news crew move…