Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy ★½

I didn't know much about the case so this seemed like a good way to learn a bit more. The movie was lightly informative but not totally satisfying - I'm not sure if it was the murky nature of the crime itself or if it was the filmmaking (or both), but there were too many holes in the story for me as a viewer to really get a handle on anything. It didn't help that the movie was haphazardly structured, jumping around chronologically and not very focused on which details it was trying to get across. It seemed to lack any guiding vision, and I never understand why the creators of a made-for-tv movie like this can't put a little more effort into visual storytelling, non-expository dialogue, shot composition, etc. On the other hand, whether intentionally or not, the movie managed to create a dreamlike atmosphere of uncertainty, using inappropriately breezy music cues and cheap-but-interesting visual effects (the druggy, blurred flashback toward the end) that occasionally undermine the seriousness of the crime. In a way, this matches Knox's nonchalance about the whole thing and keeps the viewer at a distance. In the end, it feels frustratingly empty - perhaps a perfect summary of the Amanda Knox experience?