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  • Roma


    Caurón is a painter. Use of the black and white as well as reflective surfaces make this one of the most beautiful movies I've ever seen. It reads like the bible. Cleo reminds me of Mary, mother of Christ, except placed firmly out of mythology and into reality. She suffers trials and very real heartbreak yet preservers; she's selfless, humble, a savior and at the same time arrestingly human. The moment where she mirrors Professor Zovek knocked me on my ass. Fantastic.

  • Buud Yam

    Buud Yam

    This was great! A sequel to WEND KUUNI, which really feels just like table setting after watching this film. A pre-colonial Odyssey through Africa, this film does a great job showing various cultures in all their complexities. Really funny! There's some straight comedy in this that's great. The parabalistic nature of the whole thing I thought worked really well and ended being a moving tale of sacrifice, forgiveness, and hospitality.

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  • Glass


    Too long! The whole Sarah Paulson gaslights some superheroes thing (most of the film) was interesting in concept but fairly boring in execution. All the actors (especially McAvoy) are doing great work here. The camera work (DP: Mike Gioulakis) is again stunning-- Shyamalan clearly has a specific vision and nails it. Also Production Design! The sense of color in these movies is great as well. Script failings but technically wonderful.

  • First Man

    First Man

    Chazelle is a master. His work is the obvious standout here, along with the cinematography by Linus Sandgren (info here: ) (I didn't notice the format change because I saw it at a shitty discount theater-- would have loved to have seen it in IMAX). I particularly liked Jason Clarke and Corey Stoll in this movie-- I think both of them have something (particularly Stoll) that doesn't get noticed often but Chazelle brings it out of them. Singer's script touches on things that a lesser film wouldn't-- the protests (feat. Leon Bridges!!) were a great touch.

    Uh yeah. That's all.