The Master ★★★½

I love it when a movie teters between protagonists the way this movie did for me. You can really feel the desperation in both characters, but for completely different reasons. Freddie is desperate for somebody to explain to him why he is the way he is. Why did God render him with so many shortcomings. The impulsivity. The addictions. The indifference. Meanwhile, Lancaster is Hell bent on handing out the his version of the truth to anyone who's willing to accept it. If he can fix just one man and manifest his lie into truth, then maybe he can even convince himself. In the end, you see two very different people doing the same thing-disregarding their true nature in favor of a reality that will never be. I suppose we're all guilty of this to some degree. I applaud PTA's courage in not being afraid to bring this to light. Nobody's perfect... even in the end.