Upstream Color ★★★★★

Oh Carruth, you crazy man. I feel a little premature in reviewing this film, as I think it'll take a couple more watches to fully appreciate it. Like Primer, Carruth's first film, this one is quite complex. The difference though, for me was that this one required a little more suspension of disbelief. Yes, even though Primer involved crazy time travel theories. The lack of dialog and explanations forces the viewer to pay attention and connect the dots of what is really going on. Without giving anything away, I'll say the the idea of how these characters are bonded together is pretty amazing. It's both scientific and romantic. It'll somehow make you wish you were living one of these character's unfortunate lives. If you've got the patience and interest for a great, unique story, I'd give Upstream Color a chance. Carruth clearly has a gift for filmmaking and it'd be remiss of you to not experience his work. And be prepared to spend some time digesting, Googling and re-watching it. Once it sinks in, it'll be worth it.