Chekist ★★★

This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

there’s a dubbed copy on youtube.

this movie shines is managing to convey the tedium or organized mass murder (the idea that watching it happen actually becomes boring is really sticking with me); the varying degrees of mental instability that grows over time of mostly forgettable agents in an early post revolution.  it’s not a slasher flick, it’s theme is more of a lower budget ‘Downfall’. 

the dub adds to the surrealness it as it’s an amateur translation.  the plot is... lacking to some extent. There’s no narrator so it becomes a series of strange fly-on-the-wall observations of a few characters and sometimes it seems like scenes are weird just for the sake of being weird.  the film rarely answers the questions it puts in front of you; at times it’s had to tell if what you’re seeing is supposed to be “real”. 

just be warned this is a dark movie, both visually and plot wise.  i don’t think I’ll revisit this one but it’s pretty clear why you can’t rent it anywhere. however like the holocost museum, it’s the kind of thing that I think people should see at least once even though it’s uncomfortable.  to see behind the statistic.