The Haunting of Bly Manor

The Haunting of Bly Manor ★★★★½

“You said it was a ghost story, it isn’t.”
“It’s a love story.”
“Same thing, really.”

i have so many thoughts fresh in my mind seeing as i just finished watching the final episode of this phenomenal second installment and i just wanna say. wow. i knew going into it these characters were going to be layered and i would spend a good chunk of the show crying, but i wasn’t expecting to feel the love that i felt. i felt uneasy the entire time while watching, but also felt a sense of warmth and comfort. it’s not really anything logical that i can coherently explain but i think that’s kind of what the point of the show is. yeah, we call it a ghost story, but at the core it’s all about the best and worst feeling you can have for another person and the different forms that one single word and one single feeling can take on. the weight that it carries forever. how that one word can have such a lasting long impact on so many people. it’s quite uneasy, like i said, but it also is so comforting, because when that love is good — and god love can be good — it’s gentle and kind. that’s the whole point of the haunting of bly manor to me really. there was no hate, every motivation of every single character was based on an indescribable amount of love they felt for another person. i am going out of this show with few take aways 1) i need to buy more tissues 2) love is the most powerful feeling of all 3) don’t be afraid to love who you want. mike flanagan did it again. i honestly believe bly manor and hill house can’t be compared seeing as they’re completely different stories that provide you with completely different feelings. the finale of this show was heartbreaking but handled with such care and normally i would just feel sadness, but as i said there is also warmth —because thats what love is. there’s a little bit of both but if it’s the right person the warmth will take over.

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