No Strings Attached ★½

i could lie and be like natalie portman is the only good part of this but this cast is honestly ridiculous. lake bell and greta gerwig play their parts pitch perfectly plus theres some amazing character actors who just kinda show up and kill it like mindy kaling and abby elliot and olivia thirlby also don't forget about my main man and super under-appreciated rapper-actor ludacris. unfortunately just because this cast is stacked doesn't mean this movie didn't suck. i just feel like it was one of those things where everybody involved wanted to make a whole lot of money and i sincerely hope they did cause thats how great actors can afford to do smaller projects and also I'm really hoping that ludacris eventually takes on a status in our culture similar to flea from the red hot chili peppers where he's just kind of randomly in all these cult indie movies and i forget what the point was but its probably that this movie is bad but i love everyone in it

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