Spider-Man: Homecoming

Spider-Man: Homecoming ★★★★

I want to go ahead and apologize for this way too lengthy mess. Most of the time I'm really good at hiding what a gigantic nerd I am but this is not one of those times.

First things first I really liked this movie. Above all, I loved how it focused on Peter Parker the teenager firstly and on Peter Parker the superhero secondly. That's something that has always intrigued me about Spider-Man the character but hasn't really been explored well on screen until now. I also liked the small stakes of the movie and the relatively self-contained story that was presented (two concepts that Marvel didn't seem to grasp until now), I liked the fact that I didn't have to watch Uncle Ben die again, and (I can't say this loud enough) EVERY SCENE WITH ZENDAYA.

Now, that being said, let me complain a little. Do you guys miss the time when a superhero movie didn't have to squeeze itself into like 25 other superhero movies and set up for about 100 future superhero movies? 13 years ago, when I was a little kid going to the movies to see Spider-Man 2, I first realized that the world of Spider-Man was richer than any other Marvel character, and I'm really afraid it's not going to be explored to its full potential because we have to feature every Avenger and fit in the Infinity Stones and don't forget about those Post-Credit scenes. I mean, I love the MCU as much as the next guy but man it can be exhausting! How can I focus on Peter and MJ's relationship when the entire galaxy is sure to be threatened in the next Thor movie? That kind of cheapens everything that I loved about the original Spider-Man. Though it got messy at the end, I miss the simplicity of Sam Raimi's universe, and I'm a little sad because I doubt any superhero movie will ever be like that again. No one will probably ever get to dive into Gotham for three whole movies the way Christopher Nolan did. Nobody's going to get to explore any single character to that extent.

So, noting all of that, let me end this review with a bit of a spoiler and a plea to Marvel. In the last scene Tony Stark offers Spider-Man a place on the Avengers and starts talking about where he'll fit in with everyone else until Peter stops him and says that he prefers to "stay on the ground a little longer." I love this because the Avengers of the MCU are the exact opposite of everything I love about Spider-Man. They are extremely public figures with no secret identities, they work closely with the authorities, and they share a close knit universe with each other. Spider-Man is New York's superhero, not the world's. And the fact that he chose Queens over the Quinjet gives me hope.

So, Marvel, please follow up on the promise I felt like you made in the final scene of this movie. Don't feel compelled to drag Iron Man and Hulk and Black Widow into every future Spider-Man movie. Don't pass over the great Spider-Man villains in favor of expanding Loki's or Thanos's role in the MCU. Just let Peter Parker be a teenager and our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. I promise you that will be enough. Thank you.

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