Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall ★★★★

"My cock doesn't want to be around you anymore!"

I remember not liking this film at all a few years ago after picking it up on Blu-Ray really cheap at my local store. Rewatching this, I didn't really remember why I disliked it but given how my taste in movies has evolved since then, I expected my opinion to change. Turns out I really dug it this time around, often finding myself laughing out loud and captivated by Jason Segel's brilliant writing talents.

Pop-culture references, media/celebrity life satire, hilarious dialogue... you name it - Segel's screenplay has it all down in regards to the comedic aspect of the film. But what really makes it work so well is because of how heartfelt and sensibly sincere it is. It's almost like Segel was pouring his heart into the empty pages, and the result is something special.

The only problems I could find with Forgetting Sarah Marshall were the little clichés that tried to sneak by once in a while, but seeing how well the screenplay works, they felt irrelevant and didn't hurt the story. Pretty much everyone in the cast did a tremendous job, as they were all pretty hilarious and seemed to be enjoying themselves on set (Russell Brand, in particular, really quite surprised me).

Forgetting Sarah Marshall doesn't bring anything new on the narrative front nor does it try to revolutionize the genre in which it fits in, but it's a more than solid comedy flick which offers a lot more beyond the laughs - a subtle yet heartwarming tale of a lonely guy.

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