Suntan ★★★½

Missed opportunities, an existential crisis, and wasted youth are what Suntan's all about - a sort of "adult coming-of-age" set in a tiny greek island. It revolves around Kostis, the local 42-year old doctor who falls in loved with a young turist during the town's busy summer season.

It's a film that focuses a lot on contrasts, brilliantly explored by director Argyris Papadimitropoulous. Kostis and his lonely daily routine represents everyone's fear of ending up forgotten andalone, the exact opposite of the wild careless fantasy that Anna and her exccentric group of friends live out every single day. His pale skin, covered in body hair, agaisnt her smooth naked skin. They're small details that make a big difference, and only make the unexpected finale even more bizarre.

Even though it gets a little carried away during its party scenes, and the ending betrays the characterization that came before it, it's a film that's worth checking out for the lead performances alone. Add good cinematography and brilliant direction to the mix and Suntan easily becomes a welcomed addition to an already tired genre.

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