The Thing

The Thing ★★★★★

The first Carpenter that I really loved. So much in fact that it has motivated me to check out his other work, which I'll do after finishing Hoop-Tober.

This film is simply masterful. Masterful in its suspense and its ability to get under even the most experienced horror fan's skin. The practical effects still hold up today, and after 34 years, they're still astonishing. I don't know how the hell this was poorly received when it came out, because it's honestly brilliant. Every single backstory detail is meticulously set-up and though-out - it's something I can't see myself having the imagination to do, and I have a pretty fertile imagination.

The Thing became an instant favorite. A landmark in the horror genre that still, to this day, holds up perfectly. Even just the premise is amazing, and Carpenter's biggest feat was making me feel the paranoia that the characters were feeling - I didn't know who was who and it was killing me. Kurt Russell is a badass!

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