Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★½


So far, I’ve found articulating my opinions on Promising Young Woman rather hard. I will say that I’m happy the Me Too movement is being portrayed in film and getting high award nominations at that. The cast is great, especially Carey Mulligan and Bo Burnham who we spend most of the film with. The thing I’m struggling with is...well...almost everything about this film from a technical standpoint I just find...average. It’s fine. I hear this is likely to get a Best Picture nomination on Monday...okay? Other than what it does thematically, I don’t get why this is in contention for the top prize at the Oscars. To be fair, I didn’t like most films in 2020 and I’m not particularly excited to make my way through the nominees and eventually make a ranking for my website. It’s far from the weirdest nominee we’ll have ever had, especially because the sexual assault angle is played with such a massive, unfeeling hand. But, I think it’s all supposed to be a chance to put the idea of sexual assault and the impact it has and translate it into the world of film. And I’m fine with that, and I definitely was picking up what it was putting down. I’ve been sexually harassed, and to say it sucks and leaves a lasting impact is to understate the horror of it all. If that was the goal of the film, then I guess it succeeded. I doubt I’ll ever return to it, but the involved, heavy hand of the director and how she wishes to discuss the themes does drown ought how mediocre this film would otherwise be, which...I don’t know, I guess is a compliment?