Raiders of the Lost Ark

Raiders of the Lost Ark ★★★★


Yeah, so it seems that I’m not as transfixed or in love with in general this classic film. That never feels good to say, but I’m not going to lie and say I was expecting to give it a perfect score or anything. Honestly an 85 was a lot better than I thought I was going to give it. Partly because, you know, as much as I still get disappointed, I don’t expect to love hyped up movies as much as others seem to, at least not on first watch. It took me three viewings to give Jaws a perfect score, and two to give Jurassic Park a 97. My point being, if Raiders of the Lost Ark gets a higher score on rewatch, I won’t be surprised. Also, you know, this score isn’t a bad one by any means. But another reason why I set my expectations lower is because—hot take—I don’t usually care for Harrison Ford. He’s been in good in movies before, but my problem is that I usually just find him bland. Like, Blade Runner? Perfectly good movie, I like almost everything about it. Harrison Ford? Flavorless and bland. Which is why I wasn’t expecting much from him in this film, but I was really thrown for a loop. Wow, I’d this man charismatic as hell as Indiana Jones. I can’t imagine anyone else playing this part. 

In fact, before I sat down and watched the film, a friend was telling me what to expect. I told him that I wasn’t the biggest fan of Harrison Ford, and he said I would feel different here because he’s supposed to be the asshole. And I do feel different about him here, but not for that reason whatsoever. I am floored by how much I want to bang Harrison Ford in this movie. Is he the asshole in this movie? Maybe, maybe not. All I do know is that he’s charismatic as hell no matter what he’s trying to do. You can see that as a good thing or a bad thing, but I choose to see it as a good. Also, I’m just hyper aware throughout the entire film of how much it changed cinema history forever. Jaws may have been the original summer blockbuster, but Raiders of the Lost Ark laid out the steps, the default manuscript. And sometimes that gets to me in a negative way, as was unfortunately the case with Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, but the rest of the film is just so damn likable and charming that for the most part it doesn’t really matter, which is contrariwise not something I can say about the original Star Wars movie. It’s paced wonderfully, it’s shot and designed beautifully, the casting is perfect, the much of it is excellent that my issues with it really aren’t that present once I consider the film as a whole. Really fun stuff.