The Apartment

The Apartment ★★★★★

*previously an 87*

I definitely did this film dirty when I first watched this. I mean, I liked it a lot to be fair, but my unfocused perception saw it as outdated (you know, gender role-wise), and in hindsight that’s not a fair assumption. For one, for a movie that was made even as early as it was, I’m stunned at how well it throws shade toward sexism and outdated gender roles. And if it didn’t have that, it would still have one of my favorite things a romance movie could have. Being the need for questionable characters to become better people before reaching the conclusion and getting the girl, assuming the protagonist actually does get the girl, rather than showing up at her wedding and giving a big dumb speech about love. And even if it didn’t have of that...damn it, Billy Wilder is just one of the best we’ve ever had. Directing-wise and writing-wise.