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  • Superman Returns

    Superman Returns


    This movie seems to have been mostly forgotten, and those who remember it don't think very highly of it, which is a shame, because this is actually pretty good. There's a lot about this movie I really like or straight up love. I really love the plot here and how it shows how those closest to Superman were impacted by his absence. I love the direction, with the movie being really nice looking and having some of the most thrilling…

  • Uncut Gems

    Uncut Gems


    It's honestly insane how well Adam Sandler embodies this role and makes us completely forget we're watching Adam Sandler. Yes, this is the same guy that was in Billy Madison, and it's honestly hard to believe. He's so perfect here and the fact that he didn't get and Oscar nod but DiCaprio did for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is a crime. Adam Sandler is so charismatic in this role, but still has this scummy fast talking swindler quality…

Popular reviews

  • Cans Without Labels

    Cans Without Labels

    John. K is an absolute piece of shit, but I'll forever love his work on Ren and Stimpy, so I was willing to give this a fair shot and separate art from artist. Unfortunately, it's terrible.
    The obvious problem is how terrible and unfinished it looks. It combines poorly animated 2D characters with horribly rendered 3D environments and the result is horrendous to look at. The plot and script are terrible as well. It goes on too long for such…

  • Avengers: Endgame

    Avengers: Endgame


    I don't think we'll ever have a move this big ever again. This movie is massive I terms of scale, ambition, and box office success. I'm not sure we'll ever get something like this again. This might be the best experience I've ever had in theaters. This movie has humor, action, and raw emotion littered throughout it's 3 hour runtime, and it perfectly wraps up everything that's been set up since the first Iron Man (except the stuff that Incredible…