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  • La Llorona

    La Llorona


    i don't like to be scared by films but i do like to be shown supernatural things and vaguely creeped out, so this one hit a real sweet spot for me. much more than a horror it's an exploration of the legacy of right-wing populist strongman politics, and in that it comes at just the right moment. very interesting to get the perspective from within the compound gates, and amazing to have so much of the film in the indigenous mayan languages as well. highly recommended.

    home, film independent/shudder screener via vimeo.
    q&a with director jayro bustamante, moderated by claudia puig, introduced by brian sheehan.

  • Coup 53

    Coup 53


    the day after the historic attempted coup here in the u.s. i ended up watching this film about the coup that we did along with the brits in iran in 1953. straight from the movie i went into the live q&a hosted by michael moore, who naturally had a lot to say and ask about the parallels between what we saw in the film and what we saw on the news yesterday. anyway, having walter murch edit your political documentary…

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  • Joker


    my kids now eat on a placemat that came with a burger king kids' meal that i got some time in the early 1980s, which i think is when this film is supposed to be set. on it we see batman's origin story, including the brutal back-alley slaying of bruce wayne's parents, which in hindsight is a pretty strange thing to put on a kids' placemat. but the storytelling and artwork are so direct on that placemat that it's an…

  • The Fastest Gun Alive

    The Fastest Gun Alive


    pretty strange but good western in which the desire to draw and shoot your gun faster than the other guy is treated as a disease similar to alcoholism. features a bizarre interlude with a young dr. jacoby doing parkour on a couple of shovels. also starring ‘chubby johnson.’

    home, tcm