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  • Rebecca


    i don't get how ben wheatley makes both this and the masterful IN THE EARTH in such rapid succession. is his secret sauce a collaborator that i'm overlooking, who he only gets to work with on every third film? am i expecting too much from a director whose work i mostly at least like? i saw A FIELD IN ENGLAND three times in the theater, something i haven't done for any other film since junior high school. but the best…

  • An Enemy of the People

    An Enemy of the People

    my first ray in color; i admit that i missed the black & white. can this ibsen adaptation please stop being so damn relevant? i'm glad i watched this but it's somewhat lifeless and stilted.

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  • Joker


    my kids now eat on a placemat that came with a burger king kids' meal that i got some time in the early 1980s, which i think is when this film is supposed to be set. on it we see batman's origin story, including the brutal back-alley slaying of bruce wayne's parents, which in hindsight is a pretty strange thing to put on a kids' placemat. but the storytelling and artwork are so direct on that placemat that it's an…

  • The Fastest Gun Alive

    The Fastest Gun Alive


    pretty strange but good western in which the desire to draw and shoot your gun faster than the other guy is treated as a disease similar to alcoholism. features a bizarre interlude with a young dr. jacoby doing parkour on a couple of shovels. also starring ‘chubby johnson.’

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