Parasite ★★★

i know it's asking the wrong thing of this kind of film but i wanted this to be way more subtle. the first half, the comedy portion, is so consistently humorous, with several laugh-out-loud moments, and though i didn't need the tone to stay that way i appreciated it for its consistency. it's when things started to get really violent that i felt the problems came in, and i felt a more subtle hand should have been employed in the back half of the film. it did seem like they were challenging this point of view from the beginning though, with the running joke about things being "so metaphorical." was this a dig at the idea of hoping for subtextual coherency? is there more to this one than the visceral excitement brought on by the family's fall into violent criminality and subsequent comeuppance? was i watching this wrong, or missing something big? maybe i have to watch this again but i felt cut loose at a certain point and though i was interested to see how things played out, my estimation of the film ultimately fell. also, the age difference between the kids in the central romance was extremely uncomfortable and seemingly unchallenged. there's a lot to like here, otherwise!

neon guild screening, sepulveda screening room, west l.a.

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