Ant-Man ★★★★½

By far the high watermark of the Marvel films to date. A willingness to mix up different versions of the character, to patch in some imaginative backstory instead of trudging over another dull origin and the relatively small scale make this a genuine panacea, the first Disney Marvel script that doesn't feel like it was assembled by a machine.

Paul Rudd's easy charm helps as does a fine performance from Michael Douglas, his first great one for many a year while the side characters like Luis' little gang are pitched just right, meaning that it's actually fun when they're pulled into the main plot for hazy reasons. There's genuine chmeistry and logical interaction rather than a bunch of posers bouncing one-liners off each other, while it's funny and unusual without going Guardians of the Galaxy and slapping a big sign saying "funny and unusual" on every line.

Best of all, though, are the effects. Ant-Man's powers are perfect for cinema; in the comic it was always difficult to really appreciate a little dot drawn into a standard room or a frame-height superhero surrounded by wood grain. Here, with pin-sharp macro photography, bathtubs and records become exciting backgrounds, a much more imaginativve use of CGI than the same old hordes demolishing cities.

An unqualified success.