Who Dares Wins

Jaw-droppingly awful; this is basically a relic of a World War II propaganda movie trying to cash in on the surge of patriotism many in Britain felt after the SAS tackled the 1980 Iranian embassy siege. It's staggeringly right-wing while the nuclear disarmament campaigners who act as the antagonists are ridiculous strawmen so unsure of what they're doing that even a gentle counter-argument from old men with vested interests has them swaying.

There's little to enjoy elsewhere either - Lewis Collins and Ian Sharp basically ensure that this looks, sounds and feels like a backdoor pilot for a Bodie solo Professionals spin-off; the casting policy also seems to fish in the same waters but all sorts of fun and/or talented actors (Ingrid "Hammer" Pitt, Mark "Jetfire" Ryan, Patrick "Barratt Homes" Allen) are wasted with cardboard characters and trite dialogue.

The actual SAS scenes are well done, but not enough to make a near two-hour wait.