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  • The Hunt

    The Hunt


    Not the greatest film to choose as my last cinema trip before they all close up soon in light of coronavirus. It was entertaining in parts; a couple of the jokes got me and it was definitely sufficiently gory but I didn't much care for the rest of the film. The whole left-wing/right-wing concept wasn't executed with much subtlety and came across aa largely forced and hamfisted at points. I also thought it felt a little rushed at points? It's…

  • The Invisible Man

    The Invisible Man


    I can't say this blew me away or that I will think much about this in the future but it was really tense and entertaining to watch at the time. Leigh Whannel is on a winning streak for Blumhouse with both this and Upgrade for the studio and he has a great sensibility for incorporating impressive futuristic/sci-fi ideas into small budget features. It's this reinvention of the Invisible Man character using more modern elements and ideas that struck me as…

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  • Wind


    Still love these Pixar Sparkshorts and I wish they got a little more attention because they really allow for all the different artistic voices in Pixar to be expressed.

  • Lamp Life

    Lamp Life

    Completely harmless but nothing special or that builds upon Toy Story 4 in much of a big way.

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  • Hereditary



    Horror is a genre I've really fallen out of love with. In fact when people ask me what my least favourite film genres are I'd probably reply with action & horror in a heartbeat. That mostly comes from the saturation of both those markets. Horror films feel so formulaic nowadays. Doors creak, hands appear and there's a few loud noises for good measure, but it's all so... predictable. That said every now and them something comes along that reinvigorates my love…

  • Se7en



    Somehow, for 18 years, I’d avoided knowing the twist at the end of this so it still came as a shock when it was revealed. But this is genuinely one of the most suspense driven movies I’ve seen... ever? Scary from start to finish with great performances from all the cast and the ever fantastic direction of David Fincher make this a total classic worth rewatching almost  25 years from its release.