Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame ★★★★★

I'm gonna keep my review spoiler free because everyone deserves a fair shot at seeing this film without spoilers and im not gonna be that bitch who spoils it.
As a long time marvel fan who has been obssesed with every single film they've put out since 2008 i am so satisfied with the closure that this film brings, i loved the ending that every single character got, even if some scenes had me loudly sobbing, i truly think the avengers reached the point they deserved to get to.
There was a certain scene that wasnt even emotional but it had me crying because of how excited I was to see that scene unfold.
I loved how unpredictable it was, i had some theories and ideas of where i thought things would go to and the film went in the complete opposite direction.
I think this is the most epic conclusion to any film series i've ever seen, thank you chris evans, chris hemsworth, mark ruffalo and robert downey jr. for bringing these characters that mean so much to me to life, i am so grateful for these 22 infinity saga films and i look forward to seeing where the mcu is heading to next.
But I also think I need to see this a couple more times to get a full opinion because that was SO MUCH, but i am absolutely in love with this film and how epic it was and i dont think im ever gonna be able to shut up about it.

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