Parasite ★★★★

The character work, comedy, and tension are all pretty top-notch. Even while not approving of the main family, you can't help but really like them for their tenacity and want them to get away with their scheme. On the downside, the story feels somewhat aimless between sequences, making it feel like it should be almost over a few times before it actually is.

Overall, this reminds me a lot of Us, another movie about family and classism that came out this year. Both feature a family from the shadowy underbelly of society rising up against their rich counterparts, with elements of horror involved.

Also, the editing was pretty interesting. Movement in each shot is aligned so that your eyes will be in drawn to certain parts of the frame right before the cut, so that you're looking at the right part of the screen after the cut. Somebody did a good job story-boarding.

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