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  • Parasite
  • Babel
  • A Taxi Driver
  • The Handmaiden

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  • Like Someone in Love

    Like Someone in Love

    I love seeing Abbas Kiarostami's style for this setting. Like Someone in Love has such a great atmosphere and really makes a perfect impression, next to his typical expressionist plot, which was quite suspenseful and twistful as well. I've watched Taste of Cherry and expected a similar, basic story with deep dialogue, but no, this is actually not so easy to comprehend. It's easy to follow what's going on, but not what it expresses.

    Every shot and the sorroundings look…

  • The Batman

    The Batman

    So many reviewers were saying that they felt the length of The Batman by Matt Reeves, but I did not feel that way at all. To be honest, I hate this kind of complaint, no matter what movie it's about and almost everybody complaints about the length of this film, just shut it.


    It is a 3 hour movie, but I was still very hungry for more and I wished we had seen more scenes of Alfred, Selina, Bruce…

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  • Who Killed Captain Alex?

    Who Killed Captain Alex?


    (german review)
    Filmwelt Filmclub #28 - „Who killed Captain Alex?” - ausgewählt von DerLindi.

    3½ Sterne - Gut

    Ich weiß ehrlich gesagt nicht, was ich zu dem Film von Nibwana I.G.G. sagen kann. Er ist manchmal durchaus unterhaltsam und in jeder Szene treten definitv fragwürdige Stellen auf. Das beste an dem Film ist wohl der Kommentator, obwohl ich mich dennoch Frage, was seine Aufgabe ist. Doch ich genoss seine Motivation und die der energetischen Darsteller. Es sieht so aus, wie…

  • Hereditary



    Hereditary by Ari Aster has a great plot with good twists, a nice cinematography and really awesome performances. It manages to express drama and emotions perfectly, but it's also titled as a horror film and unfortunately didn't succeed to make me feel scared just a bit, even though I'm a total pussy.

    Although the soundtrack isn't bad, I was bothered when it suddenly blew up, although nothing was happening. I know it's there to raise tention or to do a…