Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad ★★

2016 has been a strange year to say the least. An apocryphal demagogue captures the hearts and minds of millions in a major American political party. The act of conversing and leisurely walking justifies the use of a glorified GPS app. And this movie exists.

Plagued by intersecting visions, David Ayer’s Suicide Squad falters under the weight of atrocious editing and tonal inconsistencies. What begins as a stimulating romp, elevated by the inclusion of a varied soundtrack, slowly descends into a confused mess that echoes the formality of the MCU catalog. It pains me to write poorly of a movie that often shows glimpses of distinction among a summer of overproduced schlock.

There’s clear dedication to portrayal that runs throughout the entire cast, ranging from Will Smith’s Deadshot to Margot Robbie’s eccentric representation of Harley Quinn. Even Jared Leto turns in a unique depiction of the famed Joker, slightly resembling Heath Ledger's freakish drawl with an aura of gangsterdom. It’s a shame a good deal of his scenes were cut from the final product, rendering his performance down to an extended cameo.

Beneath the cramped narrative and muddled editing job – the majority of the movie trudges along with seemingly no adherence to a committed form – lies the pieces of what could have been an individualistic and lively edition to the DCEU.

The worst part of it all: I have to admit that I enjoyed Deadpool more than this.

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