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  • Wendigo


    If this was 1991 I might forgive the shoddy cinematography, dry build up, chemistry free family and lazy cross fades.

    In 2001 I would expect better. 3 years later Jake Weber starred in the Dawn of the Dead reboot that feels 2 decades apart.

    This review thread is full of Fessenden advocates reading more into this than it invites.

  • Serenity



    Black Mirror meets Extreme Fishing Simulator

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  • Escape from Tomorrow

    Escape from Tomorrow


    This is not a perfect film. It's not even necessarily great arthouse cinema. But god damn, they shot an entire surrealist/horror feature film guerrilla style at Disney World, without permission, and got it released.

    Comparisons to Buñuel and Lynch are fair, and the disturbing plot device of the protagonist creeping on two French teens throughout brings inevitable Polanski references as well. But it's quite funny, mostly intentionally, and borrows liberally from Disney tropes to setup a most strange balance.


  • Deep Dark

    Deep Dark


    I shouldn't have liked this as much as I did. It's fairly shoddy. The acting is weak and I could get past one of the actors looking like Gary Neville, yet somehow I wanted to know where it was going, and cared about the disembodied voice of the entity. Worth a watch if you're feeling generous and want something a bit off-the-wall.