Yi Yi ★★★½

So I’m back from spending three solid hours of quality time with Letterboxd’s favourite Taipei family and although it obviously wasn’t the worst family gathering I’ve ever attended, it wasn’t the most rewarding either. I enjoyed hanging out with Ting-Ting and Yang-Yang though. They clearly stand out as two of the more sympathetic and relatable characters we meet in this film. Didn't really connect with the rest of the family, which is a shame when you have to spend the better part of an evening with them.

The rest of the cast didn't really make up for it I'm afraid. I mean it’s not like everyone is as diabolically evil as that kindergarten teacher (poor Yang-Yang, he doesn't deserve any of this!), but I just didn't vibe with most of these characters. Except for that Japanese fellow, I’d like to have a beer with him. Turns out he does card magic too! Sort of?

I did enjoy Yang’s style of filmmaking though, and I would like to see more of it. His restrained but elegant framing always seems to take a step back from the scene, but getting closer to the viewer. It’s kind of like the little kid with the camera taking all those pictu—ah yes I see what you did there Edward Yang-Yang wink-wink!

24th stop on my March Around the World, on to South-Korea!

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