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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Oh hello, I loved this.

Straight off the heels of Whiplash, Chazelle decides that, again, he's going to tell us the story of two people on a road to success.

This time, in a less cynical and more optimistic way! What we give up to be successful *isn't* our sanity this time.

Since, I'm not much of a writer, here are ramblings and thoughts in the usual bullet point form

- The depiction of L.A. is hilarious, and while I've only lived there for around 5 months, there are plenty of moments that gave me deja vu. The guy at the party pitching his idea for "Goldilocks, but from the three bears perspective!" or the scene where Sebastian accidentally drives down a one way street.

- "Not very much to look at, huh?" - Sebastian while overlooking the L.A. skyline at Griffith Park, and also ME, overlooking the L.A. skyline at Griffith Park a couple months ago.

- There's a scene where Sebastian discusses his love for jazz, and exactly why he loves it. This was the moment that really hit me. You can feel the passion Chazelle has for film through Gosling's speech on jazz.

- He brought back that whip pan back and forth between two characters from Whiplash, I love it.

- Audition is the stand-out song for me. I felt it pretty hard.

I'm better at speaking about movies when discussing with someone else, but I think this is enough for me to say. Love y'all, love this movie, peace.